Spiritual Meaning of Words in the Bible

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A Lie Eden Leaven Seven Churches
Aaron Egypt Leaves Seventeen
Abraham My Servant Eight Left eye Seventy
Abyss Elder Lend Shalt Not Kill
Adam Eleven Length Shaving
Affliction Elijah Leprosy Sheaf
Ages Elisha Leviathan Sheep
Almond Embroidery Lice Shekel
Altar Emptiness Lie down Shepherd
Angel Empty Life Shield
Anger Encamp Light Shining
Anger (2) Enchantment Lightnings Ship
Anger (3) Enemy Linen Shittim wood
Animals Ephesus Linen (2) Shoe
Anointing Ephod Lintel Shoulder
Anointing (2) Ephraim Lion Sinai
Approach Ephraim (2) Lip Singing
Ark Escape Liver Sit
Army Euphrates Lives Six
Ashes Evening Locust Six hundred thousand
Ass Evening (2) Lodger Sixteen
Asshur Expiation Lofty Skin
Assyria Extremity Lord Skin (2)
Babe Eye Man Skirt
Back parts Eye of Jehovah Manna Smooth
Badger Face of the Lord Meal Smyrna
Baker Faces of the ground Measure Snare
Baldness Famine Meat offering Sojourn
Baldness (2) Fat Medicine Song
Barley Father Memorial Sons
Base Fearing God Merchant Sorcerer
Basin Feast Mercy Sore
Basin (2) Feast (2) Metals Soul
Basket Feed Midwife South
Be fruitful Feeding the Flock Mightly men Spice
Bear Iniquity Feet Milk Spirit
Beasts Field Millstone Spread out
Bed Fifteen Miter Staff
Believe Fifty Moon Standing crop
Belt Fig Morning Star
Bending Finger Morning (2) Statutes
Bereaved Fire Mortar Stave
Bethel Firstborn Moses Stealing
Bird Fish Moses (2) Stink
Birds Five Mother Stone
Birth Five (2) Mount Zion Stones for filling
Birth of Sons Five hundred Mountain Strange fire
Bitter Flame Mountains Stranger
Bitumen Flax Multiply Straw
Blind Flesh Multitude Straw (2)
Blood Flesh (2) Myrrh Street
Blood of the Covenant Flock Nail Stretch out the hand
Blossom Flood Naked Sucking child
Blue Flour Name Sun
Body Flower Name of God Swear
Boiled Food Nation Sweep
Bone Footstool Native Sword
Bones Forehead Neck Tail
Book Forest Needy Tangle
Book of the Covenant Forty Nephilim Temptation
Borrow Foundation Net Ten
Bosom Fountain New Wine Ten (2)
Bow Four Night Tent
Boy Four hundred Nine Tenths
Brass Fourteen Ninety Testimony
Breach Fowl North The Lord Talking
Bread Frankincense North (2) Theft
Breadth Frankincense Numbering Thicket
Breadth (2) Frog Nurse Thinker
Breastplate Fruit Oak Thirst
Breeches Fruit (2) Odor Thirteen
Brethren Furnace Oil Thirty
Brick Gad Oil (2) Thorns
Brick (2) Garden Old age Thousand
Bride Generation Old man Three
Bridegroom Gilead Olive Throne
Brimstone Girdle One Thyatira
Brother Gladness Onyx Timbrel
Bruising Glory Ornament Timbrel (2)
Budding Goat Orphan Time
Bullock Goats Oven Time (2)
Burial Gold Pair Tooth
Burnt offerings Grace Palm tree Torn
Butler Grapes Pasture Touch
Butter Graven Peace Tower
Buy Graven image Peg Trading
Buying Great fishes People Transgression
Cake Green herb Perceive Tree
Calf Green leaf Perfect Tribes
Camel Grinding Pergamos Tunic
Caterpillar Ground Pestilence Twelve
Cattle Guilt Pharoah Twenty
Cedar Habitation Philadelphia Twenty one
Chariot Hail Physician Two
Cherub Hair Pierce Tyre
Children Hand Pillar Unhewn
Circumcision Hardened Pit Unleavened
Cities Harp Pitch Usury
City Harvest Plague Valley
Clay Hate Planting Veil
Clay (2) He-goat Play Vessel
Cleft Head Plow Vessels
Cloud Heal Pomegranate Vessels of silver
Cold Hear Pool Vine
Colors Hearing Poor Vineyard
Come near Hearken Post Violence
Comeliness Heart and Soul Pot Virgin
Commandments Heat Prayer Visitation
Confessing Heaven Precious Stone Voice
Continually Hebrew Precious stones Voice of thunder
Cord Height Prepare Voices
Corn Hem Present Walk with God
Corner Hewn Priests Office Wall
Courts of the Temple High Prince War
Covenant Hill Prince of the Guards Wash
Covenant (2) Hind Prophesy Washing
Crimson Hireling Prophet Water
Crown Honey Propitiatory Waters
Cry Hoof Pustules Way
Cup Horn Ram Wealth
Cup (2) Horse Ram (2) Weight
Curtain Horse (2) Raw Well
Dan Horsemen Red West
Dance House Redeeming Whale
Dance (2) Hundred Reed Whales
Darkness Hunger Remains Wheat
Daughters Hunting Remember Wheel
Dawn Hyssop Rend garments White
Day I AM Repent White (2)
Days Idol Reuben White Horse
Deaf In seven days Rib Widow
Death Incense Riches Wild animal
Deceit Inherit Right eye Wild animal (2)
Deep Iniquity Right hand Wilderness
Dew Intelligence Righteous Wilderness (2)
Dew (2) Intestines River of Egypt Wind of Jehovah
Digging Introduction Roast Window
Disciple Inundation Robe Windows
Disease Iron Rock Wine
Dog Island Roof Wine (2)
Dog (2) Isles Rope Wings
Door Jewel Rushes Wisdom
Dove John the Baptist Sack cloth Wise in heart
Draw nigh Jordan Salt Without the camp
Draw waters Joy Sanctuary Witness
Drawing Judgement Sanctuary (2) Wolf
Dream Judgements Sapphire Womb
Drink Key Sardis Wonders
Drink (2) Kidney Sea Wood
Drink offering Kids Seas Wool
Drunkenness Kill Sedge Word
Dry King See Words
Dumb Kiss See God Work
Dung Know Seed Wrath
Dust Lamb Seeing Wrestling
Dwell Lamp Seir Year
Dying Lampstand Sell Years
Eagle Land Sepulchre Yesterday
Ear Laodicea Serpent Young men
Ear (2) Laver Servant Zeal
Earth Law Servant (2) Zidon
East Laying on the hand Setting Sun Zidon (2)
East Wind Lead metal Seven
Eat Leaf Seven (2)
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