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 Skin, Ram, Badger

The signification of skins, is external things (AC 3540); the signification of rams, is spiritual things which are of truth (AC 2830, 4170); the signification of red is good (AC 3300), thus skins of red rains denote the external truths that are from good; and the signification of badgers, is goods. That badgers have this signification is evident from the fact that in the Word, where truth is spoken of, good also is spoken of, by reason of the heavenly marriage of truth and good (AC 9263, 9314). Consequently as skins of red rams signify external truths which are from good, badgers' skins signify the goods themselves. The reason why they denote the truths and goods by which (internal truths and goods) are held together, is that all external things keep internal things together, as is also herb evident from the use of these skins, in that they served for coverings; the skins of badgers, for coverings over things more holy than the skins of rams (Exod. 26:14; Num. 4:6, 8, 10, 12, 14).

from AC 9471

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