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 Back parts

The reason why the back parts of Jehovah signify the external things of the Word, of the church, and of worship, is that the faces signify the internal things (AC 10578). And those are said to see the back parts of Jehovah and not the faces, who believe and adore the Word; but only its external, which is the sense of the letter, and do not penetrate more interiorly, as do those who have been enlightened, and who make for themselves doctrine from the Word, by which they may see its genuine sense, thus its interior sense. That the Word cannot be apprehended without doctrine, and that doctrine drawn from the Word by one who is enlightened must be for a lamp to the understanding, (AC 9382, 9409, 9410, 9424, 9430, 10105, 10324, 10400, 10431); and that the internal sense of the Word teaches this doctrine, (AC 9430). From all this it can be seen what it is to see the back parts of Jehovah and not His faces.

from AC 10584

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