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Feasts are often mentioned in the Word; and in the internal sense they signify a dwelling together; as in Jeremiah:--

The word of Jehovah to him: Thou shalt not go into the house of a feast, to sit with them, to eat and to drink (Jeremiah 16:8);

where several things are said to the prophet by which he should represent the fact that good should have no communication with evil, nor truth with falsity; and among other things it is said that he should not enter into the house of a feast, by which was signified that good and truth should not dwell together with evil and falsity.

[2] In Isaiah:--

In this mountain shall Jehovah Zebaoth make unto all people a feast of fat thing, a feast of sweet wines, of fat things full of marrow, of wines well refined (Isaiah 25:6);

where mountain denotes love to the Lord (AC 795, 1430). They who are in this love dwell with the Lord in good and truth, which is signified by the feast. The fat things full et marrow are goods (AC 353); the sweet and the refined wines are the truths thereof (AC 1071).

[3] The feasts made from the sanctified things in the Jewish Church, when they sacrificed, represented nothing else than the Lord's dwelling with man in the holy things of love signified by the sacrifices (AC 2187). The same was afterwards represented by the Holy Supper, which in the Primitive Church was called a Feast.

[4] In the twenty-first chapter of Genesis it is related that Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned (Genesis 21:8); by which was represented, and thereby signified, the dwelling together and first conjunction of the Lord's Divine with His Human Rational. In the internal sense the same is also signified in other places by feasts, as may also be inferred from the fact that feasts take place in a company of many who are in love and charity together, who mentally conjoin themselves together, and share with one another their glad feelings, which are emotions of love and charity.

from AC 2341

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