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The signification of escape is deliverance from damnation, which deliverance is effected by means of remains, that is, by means of the goods and truths stored up with man by the Lord. They who receive these goods and truths, that is, who allow them to be implanted in their interiors, escape damnation, and are among the residue. Hence it is that mention is made of escape in the Word throughout where a residue and remains are spoken of, as here by Joseph, and also in other places; as in Isaiah:--

In that day the fruit of the earth shall be for magnificence and ornament for the escape of Israel; and it shall come to pass, that he that remaineth in Zion, and he that is left in Jerusalem, shall be called holy (Isa. 4:2, 3).


In that day the remains of Israel, and the escape of the house of Jacob, shall no more lean upon their smiter (Isa. 10:20).


Moreover the escape of the house of Judah that are left shall again take root downward, and yield fruit upward; for out of Jerusalem shall go forth remains, and out of Mount Zion an escape (Isa. 37:31, 32).

In Ezekiel:--

I will make a residue, when ye shall have some that escape the sword among the nations, when ye shall be scattered in the earth; then they that escape of you shall remember Me (Ezek. 6:8, 9).

In Joel:--

It shall come to pass that he who shall call on the name of Jehovah shall escape; because in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be an escape, as Jehovah hath said, and among the residue whom Jehovah doth call (Joel 2:32).

In Jeremiah:--

There shall not be an escaper, or one left to the remains of Judah (Jer. 44:12, 14).

From these passages it is plain what it is to escape, namely, that they who escape are they who have remains, and that to escape is to be delivered from damnation.

from AC 5899

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