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 Continually, Time

That continually denotes all, and in all, that is, all of worship and in all worship, is because it involves time. And in the heavens, where the Word is not understood in the natural sense, but in the spiritual sense, there is not any notion of time, but instead of times are perceived such things as belong to state. Here therefore by continually is perceived a perpetual state in worship, thus all worship, and in all worship. So it is with all the other expressions in the Word which involve anything of time, as by yesterday, today, tomorrow, two days, three days, by a day, a week, a month, and a year; and also by the times of the day and of the year, as by morning, noon, evening, night; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Therefore in order that the spiritual sense of the Word may be understood, everything from its natural sense that relates to time and place, and likewise everything that relates to person, must be rejected, and instead thereof states must be thought of; from all which it can be seen how pure is the Word in the internal sense, thus how purely it is perceived by the angels in the heavens, consequently how superior are the wisdom and intelligence of the angels to the intelligence and wisdom of men, who think only from the natural fixed upon things most finite in the world and the earth. That times in the heavens are states, (AR 1274, 1382, 2625, 2788, 2837, 3254, 3356, 3404, 3827, 4814, 4882, 4901, 4916, 6110, 7218, 7381, 8070); as also what is meant by states, (AR 4850).

AC 10133

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