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The signification of bed is the natural. Thus the head of the bed is what is higher in the natural, that is, what is interior for by head when mentioned in the Word is signified what is interior, and this in respect to the body, which is exterior.

[2] That a bed denotes what is natural, is because the natural is beneath the rational, and serves it as a bed; for the rational as it were lies down upon the natural; and because the natural is thus spread out underneath, it is called a bed, as also in Amos:--

As the shepherd hath rescued out of the mouth of the lion two legs, or a piece of an ear; so shall the sons of Israel be rescued that dwell in Samaria, In the corner of a bed, and on the end of a couch (Amos 3:12);

in the corner of a bed denotes in the lowest of the natural; and on the end of a couch denotes in what is sensuous. For by the people Israel, whose metropolis was Samaria, was represented the Lord's spiritual kingdom. Of this it is said, as of the father Israel here, that it is upon the head of the bed, for spiritual good, which is represented by the father Israel, is the head of the bed. But when they turn themselves thence to those things which are of the lowest natural and which are of the sensuous, it is then said that they are in the corner of the bed, and on the end of the couch.

[3] Again in the same prophet:--

They that lie upon beds of Ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches; but they are not grieved for the breach of Joseph (Amos 6:4, 6);

beds of ivory denote the pleasures of the lowest natural, which are those of the proud; not to be grieved for the breach of Joseph, is to have no concern about the dissipation of good from the internal. So In David:--

If I come Into the tent of my house, If I go up upon the couch of my bed (Ps 132:3);

the tent of my house denotes the holy of love (AC 414, 1102, 2145, 2152, 3312, 4128, 4391, 4599); to go up upon the couch of the bed denotes upon the natural, to the truth which is from the good of love. Everyone can see that coming into the tent of the house, and going up upon the couch of the bed, is a prophetic saying, which cannot be understood without the Internal sense.

from AC 6188

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