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The signification of planting, is to regenerate, for regeneration is circumstanced like planting. For when a tree is planted, it grows into branches, leaves, and fruits, and from the seeds of the fruits it grows into new trees; and so on. Similar is the case with regeneration in man, and therefore in the Word a man is also compared to a tree, and a regenerate man to a garden or paradise; the truths of faith with him are compared to the leaves, and the goods of charity to the fruits, the seeds from which come new trees to the truths which are from good, or what is the same, to the faith which is from charity. It is said regeneration continually, because regeneration begins in a man, but never ceases, being continually perfected, not only while he lives in the world, but also in the other life to eternity; and yet it can never arrive at any such perfection that it can be compared to the Divine.

from AC 8326

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