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That smooth is predicated of truth, and in the opposite sense of falsity, is evident also from the following passages in the Word. In Isaiah:--

Ye that inflame yourselves with gods under every green tree in the smooth things of the valley is thy portion (Isa. 57:5, 6);

where inflaming is predicated of evil; and the smooth things of the valley, of falsity. Again:--

The workman strengthens the smelter, him that smooths with the hammer along with the beating on the anvil, saying to the joint, It is good (Isa. 41:7);

where the workman strengthening the smelter is predicated of evil; and smoothing with the hammer, of falsity. In David:--

They make thy mouth smooth as butter; when his heart approacheth his words are softer than oil (Psalms 55:21);

where a smooth or flattering mouth is predicated of falsity; and the heart and its soft things, of evil. Again:--

Their throat is an open sepulchre, they speak smooth things with their tongue (Ps. 5:9);

the throat an open sepulchre is predicated of evil; the tongue speaking smooth things, of falsity. In Luke:--

Every valley shall be filled up and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall become straight, and the rough places level ways (Luke 3:5);

where valley denotes what is lowly (AC 1723, 3417); mountain and hill, what is lifted up (AC 1691); the crooked become straight, the evil of ignorance turned into good, for length and what belongs thereto are predicated of good (AC 1613); the rough places made level ways, the falsities of ignorance turned into truths. Way is predicated of truth, (AC 627, 2333).

from AC 3527

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