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The signification of the intestines, is ultimate or lowest things. The intestines denote ultimate or lowest things because they are the ultimate and lowest of man's interior viscera, not only in respect to situation, but also in respect to use. In respect to situation they are below the stomach, to which they are appended; and in respect to use, they receive last the things digested in man. Above them, as is known, are the stomach, liver, pancreas, and spleen; and still further above are the heart and lungs; and above all is the head. It is also known that the superior organs cast their filth and refuse into the intestines, and thereby remove it, partly by means of the stomach, partly by means of the ducts from the liver, called the hepatic ducts, and also the cystic or biliary, partly by means of the ducts from the pancreas, which with the rest have their outlets into the intestine called the duodenum; from which it is now evident why ultimate or lowest things are signified by the intestines.

from AC 10030

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