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The signification of roast with fire, is he good of love, for fire signifies love (AC 934, 4906, 5215 6314, 6832, 6834, 6849, 7324), and roasted signifies that which is imbued with love, consequently good. In the Word a distinction is made between what is roasted and what is boiled; and by roasted is signified good, because it is done by means of fire, and by boiled is meant truth because it is done by means of water; and such is the case here, for it is said, eat ye not of it raw, nor by boiling boiled in waters, but roast with fire (verse 9). The reason is that by the paschal lamb is signified the good of innocence, which good is the good of love to the Lord.

[2] From all this it is evident what is meant in the spiritual sense by the roasted fish in (Luke 24:42, 43); also what by the fish laid upon the fire, when the Lord also appeared to the disciples, concerning which it is thus written in John:--

When the disciples got down on the land, they see a hearth laid, and a little fish lying thereon, and bread. Jesus cometh and taketh the bread, and giveth them, and the little fish likewise (John 21:9, 13);

by the fish is signified the truth of the natural (AC 991); and by the hearth good; thus by the little fish lying thereon, the truth of spiritual good in the natural. He who does not believe that there is an internal sense of the Word must needs believe that nothing of a secret nature is involved in the circumstance that when the Lord appeared to the disciples, there was a fish upon a hearth, and that it was given to them by the Lord to eat.

[3] As by roast with fire is signified the good which is of celestial and spiritual love, therefore in the opposite sense by roast with fire is signified the evil which is of the love of self and of the world, as in Isaiah:--

He hath burned part thereof in the fire; upon part of it he hath eaten flesh; he hath roasted roast that he might be satisfied; yea, he hath been warmed, and said, Brother, I am warm, I have seen the fire; I have burned part of it in the fire; yea, I have also baked bread upon the coals thereof; I have roasted flesh and am eating it (Isa. 44:16, 19)

describing the worshipers of a graven image. By a graven Image is signified the falsity of evil, which is so described; roasting roast and roasting flesh denote to work evil from filthy love. Fire in the opposite sense denotes the evil of the love of self and of the world, or of the cupidities which belong to these loves, (AC 1297, 1861, 2446, 5071, 5215, 6314, 6832, 7324, 7575).

from AC 7852

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