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That almonds signify goods of life corresponding to the truths of good of the interior natural, is because the almond is a nobler tree. This tree itself signifies in the spiritual sense a perception of interior truth which is from good, its blossom interior truth which is from good, and its fruit good of life thence derived. In this sense the almond tree is spoken of in Jeremiah:--

The word of Jehovah came to pass, saying, Jeremiah what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. Then said Jehovah unto me, Thou hast well seen; for I wake over My word to do it (Jer. 1:11, 12);

a rod denotes power; almond tree, the perception of interior truth; here, being predicated of Jehovah, it denotes waking over it; word denotes truth.

[3] By the almonds which budded from the rod of Aaron for the tribe of Levi, are also signified goods of charity or goods of life, of which we read in Moses:--

It came to pass on the morrow, when Moses entered into the tent of meeting, behold the rod of Aaron for the tribe of Levi had blossomed and brought forth blossom, so that the flower flowered, and bare almonds (Num. 17:8).

This was a sign that this tribe was chosen for the priesthood; for by the the tribe of Levi was signified charity (AC 3875, 3877, 4497, 4502, 4503), which is the essential of the spiritual church.

from AC 5622

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