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 Blossom, Leaves

The signification of the blossom that buds forth from the tree before the fruit, is the state before regeneration. As just said (AC 5115), the budding and fruiting of a tree represent the rebirth of man--its becoming green from the leaves represents the first state; the blossoming the second, which is the next before regeneration; and the fruiting the third, which is the very state of the regenerate. It is from this that leaves signify the things of intelligence, or the truths of faith (AC 885), for these are the first things of the rebirth or regeneration; while blossoms signify the things of wisdom, or the goods of faith, because these immediately precede the rebirth or regeneration; and fruits signify those things which are of life, or the works of charity, because these follow and constitute the very state of the regenerate.

from AC 5116

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