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The reason why a butler signifies that sensuous which is subject or subordinate to the intellectual part of the internal man, is that everything which serves for drinking, or which is drunk--as wine, milk, water--bears relation to truth, which is of the intellectual part, thus bears relation to the intellectual part; and because it is an external sensuous, or sensuous of the body, that subserves, therefore by a butler is signified this sensuous, or this part of the sensuous things. To give to drink and to drink are in general predicated of the truths which are of the intellectual part, (AC 3069, 3071, 3168, 3772, 4017, 4018); and specifically they are predicated of the truth which is from good, or of the faith which is from charity, (AC 1071, 1798); and water is truth, (AC 680, 2702, 3058, 3424, 4976). From all this it may now be seen what is signified by a butler.

from AC 5077

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