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 Draw waters

That to draw waters signifies instruction, and likewise enlightenment from it, comes from the fact that in the internal sense waters signify the truths of faith (AC 2702); and therefore to draw waters is nothing else than to be instructed in the truths of faith, and thereby to be enlightened. In Isaiah:--

With joy shall ye draw waters out of the fountains of salvation. In that day shall ye confess unto Jehovah (Isa. 12:3, 4).

To draw waters is to be instructed, to understand, and to be wise. Again:--

Bring ye waters to meet him that is thirsty, ye inhabitants of the land of Tema (Isaiah 21:14).

To bring waters to meet him that is thirsty, means to instruct Again:--

The afflicted and the needy seek waters, and there are none, and their tongue faileth for thirst (Isaiah 41:17).

They that seek waters, are they who desire to be instructed in truths. That there are none, signifies that no one has truths. Moreover by the drawers of water were represented in the Jewish Church those who continually desire to know truths, but for no other end than to know them, while caring nothing for the use. Such were accounted among the lowest, and were represented by the Gibeonites concerning whom see (Joshua 9:21, 23, 27).

from AC 3058

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