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The signification of outside the veil, is outside the uniting intermediate through which there is mediate influx; for by the veil is signified the uniting intermediate (AC 9670). That there is mediate influx from the Lord through the inmost heaven, and immediate influx from Himself, can be seen from the places above cited (AC 9682). With every good which makes heavenly life, thus eternal life, with man and with angel, the case is this. The inmost of good is the Lord Himself, consequently is the good of love which is immediately from Him; the good which next succeeds is the good of mutual love; then the good of charity toward the neighbor; finally the good of faith. This is the successive order of goods from the inmost. From this it can be seen how the case is with immediate and mediate influx. In general it may be said that in so far as a good succeeding in order (that is, a more external good), has in it a more interior good, so far it is good, for in so far it is nearer to the Lord Himself, who, as before said, is the inmost good. But the successive arrangement and setting in order of interior goods in exterior, varies in each and all subjects according to the reception, and the reception is according to the spiritual and moral life in the world of everyone, for the life in the world remains with everyone to eternity.

from AC 9683

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