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By the kidneys are signified truths which explore, purify, and correct, taking this signification from their function. This shows what is signified by kidneys, or reins, in the following passages:--

Jehovah trieth the rein and the heart (Jer. 11:20).

Thou that triest the hearts and the reins, O just God (Ps. 7:9).

O Jehovah, explore my reins and my heart (Ps. 26:2).

O Jehovah, Thou possessest my reins (Ps. 139:13).

I am He who searcheth the reins and the heart (Rev. 2:23).

To search, and to try, the kidneys, or reins, denotes to explore the truths of faith; and to search, and try, the heart denotes to explore the goods of love, for the heart denotes the good of love (AC 3883-3896, 7542, 9050). That the truths of faith are signified by the kidneys is very evident in David: O Jehovah, Thou desirest truth in the reins (Ps. 51:6). That by the kidneys is signified interior truth and its exploration, is because by the ureters and the bladder, which go forth from the kidneys, is signified exterior truth and its exploration, as also its correction (AC 5381-5384).

from AC 10032

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