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A mixed multitude, as being goods and truths not genuine; for when by the sons of Israel are represented genuine goods and truths which are of the spiritual church (AC 7957), by a mixed multitude accompanying them are signified truths and goods not genuine. For with those who are of the spiritual church the case is this. They have genuine goods and truths, and they have goods and truths not genuine; for the man of the spiritual church has no perception of good and truth, but acknowledges and believes as good and truth that which the doctrinal things of his church teach. For this reason he is in very many truths not genuine, consequently also in like goods, for goods have their quality from truths. That the spiritual are in very many truths not genuine, see (AC 2708, 2715, 2718, 2831, 2849, 2935, 2937, 3240, 3241, 3246, 3833, 4402, 4788, 5113, 6289, 6500, 6639, 6865, 6945, 7233); and that consequently they have truths not pure (AC 6427). But still they are kept by the Lord in goods in the highest degree genuine, which is effected by means of an influx through the interiors (AC 6499), and then the truths and goods not genuine are separated thence and rejected to the sides. These are the things which are signified by a very great mixed multitude.

[2] In like manner by this multitude are signified they who are of the church, but not within it, as is the case with the Gentiles who live together in obedience and mutual charity and have not genuine truths, because they have not the Word. These likewise, and also the truths themselves not genuine, are signified by the great multitude in John:--

I heard the number of the sealed, a hundred and forty and four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of Israel; after these things I saw, and behold a great multitude, which no one could number, out of every nation, and tribes, and peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes and palms in their hands (Rev. 7:4, 9).

from AC 7975

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