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That digging denotes to search thoroughly, is because by water, a fountain, and a well, which are digged, are signified truths, which are not digged, but are searched for; and therefore by the same word in the original tongue, when it is applied to truth, is signified to investigate. But in the prophetical books, instead of truth, either water, or a fountain, is mentioned; and instead of investigating, digging, for such is the nature of prophetic speech, as is evident in Moses, where the well Beer is spoken of, concerning which Israel sang this song:--

Rise up, O spring, answer ye upon it; the spring which the princes digged, the chiefs of the people digged it through the lawgiver, with their staves (Num. 21:17, 18);

here by a spring is signified the doctrine of truth Divine, and by digging, the investigation of it.

from AC 7343

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