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It is often said in the Word that Jehovah smelled an odor of rest, especially from burnt-offerings; and this always means what is grateful or acceptable; as that He smelled an odor of rest from burnt-offerings (Exod. 29:18, 25, 41; Lev. 1:9, 13, 17; 23:12, 13, 18; Num. 28:6, 8, 13; 29:2, 6, 8, 13, 36), and also from other sacrifices (Lev. 2:2, 9; 6:15, 21; 8:21, 28; Num. 15:3, 7, 13). They are also called made by fire for an odor of rest unto Jehovah, by which is signified that they are from love and charity. Fire in the Word and made by fire, when predicated of the Lord and of the worship of Him, signifies love. So also does bread, and for this reason representative worship by burnt-offerings and sacrifices is called the bread of the offering made by fire for an odor of rest (Lev. 3:11, 16).

from AC 925

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