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 Old age

The signification of old age is the putting off of a former state and the putting on of a new one, also newness of life (AR 3492, 4620). For old age in the internal sense does not signify old age, because the internal man, or man's spirit, does not know what old age is; but as the body or external man grows old, the internal passes into newness of life, man's spirit being perfected by age as his bodily powers diminish. This is still more so in the other life, where those who are in heaven are continually brought by the Lord into more perfect life, and at last into the bloom of youth, even those who have died in a good Old age. From this it may be seen that by old age in the internal sense, is signified life, What is meant by its own life being in it has been explained above (AR 4667).

AC 4676

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