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The signification of memorial, is what must be remembered, and when said of the Divine, it denotes the quality in the worship; and the signification of generation and generation, is perpetually. In the Word, forever and also to generation of generations is said, and this sometimes in one verse; and for the reason that forever is predicated of the Divine good, and generation of generations, of the Divine truth. So it is with the signification of memorial and of name memorial being predicated of the quality of the Divine in worship as to truth, but name of the quality of the Divine in worship as to both truth and good, and specifically as to good. That memorial denotes the quality of the Divine in the worship, is plain in Hosea:--

Jehovah, God Zebaoth, Jehovah is His memorial. Therefore turn thou to God; keep piety and judgement (Hosea 12:5, 6);

where the quality of worship as to truth is treated of, and therefore it is said, Jehovah is His memorial. In David:--

Sing ye to Jehovah, O ye saints of His, and confess ye to the memorial of His holiness (Psalms 30:4; 97:12);

that holy is said of truth may be seen above (AC 6788); the derivative worship is signified by the memorial of His holiness.

from AC 6888

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