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 Wise in heart

The reason why the wise in heart denote those who are in the good of love, is that wisdom is predicated of the life of heaven in man, and also that by the heart is signified the good of love. The life of heaven in man is expressed in the Word by spirit and by heart; by spirit is meant the life of man's intellectual part, and by heart the life of his will part. To the intellectual part belongs truth, and to the will part belongs good. Truth belongs to faith, and good to love; for the understanding receives the truths which are of faith, and the will the goods which are of love. From this it is plain that by the wise in heart are signified those who are in the good of love from the Lord. The good of love is celestial good, through which is spiritual good; and spiritual good is that which covers celestial good, as garments cover the body. And as by the garments of Aaron was represented the spiritual kingdom of the Lord joined to His celestial kingdom, and the former comes forth through the latter, therefore it is here said that the wise in heart, that is, they who are in the good of love from the Lord, shall make the garments for Aaron and his sons. That the heart denotes the good of love, or celestial good, (AR 3635, 3880, 3883-3896, 9050); and that on this account it denotes the will, (AR 2930, 3888, 7542, 8910, 9113, 9300, 9495).

AC 9817

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