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 Wood, Cedar

The signification of wood, is the good of merit (AC 1110, 2784, 2812, 4943, 8740). The good of merit is the good that proceeds from the Divine Human of the Lord, which is Christian good, or spiritual good with man. It is this good by which man is saved; for good which proceeds from any other source is not good, because the Divine is not in it, thus neither is heaven in it, consequently salvation is not in it. Shittim wood was the wood of the most excellent cedar; and by the cedar is signified the spiritual of the church. That shittim wood was a species of cedar, is evident in Isaiah:--

I will set in the wilderness the cedar of Shittah, and the myrtle, and the wood of oil (Isa. 41:19);

where the cedar of Shittah denotes spiritual good, and the wood of oil celestial good. As the good of merit that belongs to the Lord alone is the only good that reigns in heaven, and that makes heaven, therefore this wood was the only wood employed in the construction of the tabernacle (by which heaven was represented); as for instance for the ark itself, in which was the testimony; for its staves; for the table upon which were the breads of faces, and its staves; for the planks of the Habitation; for the bars and pillars of the covering; and also for the altar and its staves; as is evident from (verses 10, 13, 23, 28) of this chapter; from (Exod. 26:15, 26, 37) of the following chapter; and (Exod. 27:1 and 6).

from AC 9472

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