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 Sedge, Reed

That sedge denotes memory-knowledge, is because every herb in the Word signifies some kind of memory-knowledge; the sedge that is at the bank of a river signifies memory-knowledge of low value; as also in Isaiah:--

The streams shall recede, and the rivers of Egypt shall be dried up; the reed and the sedge shall wither away (Isa. 19:6);

streams denote things of intelligence (AC 2702, 3051); the rivers of Egypt shall be dried up denotes things of memory-knowledge; the reed and the sedge denote the lowest memory-knowledges, which are sensuous. Sedge denotes false memory-knowledges in Jonah:

The waters compassed me about even to the soul; the deep was round about me, the sedge (here seaweed) was bound about my head (Jonah 2:5);

in this prophetic utterance is described a state of temptations; the waters which compassed even to the soul denote falsities; that inundations of waters denote temptations and desolations, (AC 705, 739, 790, 5725); the deep round about is the evil of falsity; the seaweed bound about the head denotes false memory-knowledges besetting truth and good, as is the case in a state of desolation.

from AC 6726

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