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The signification of "encamping," is the setting in order of truth and good (AC 8103, 8130, 8131, 8155); and the signification of "waters," is truths of faith (AC 2702, 3058, 3424, 4976, 5668). That by the "encamping there by the waters" is signified that the truths of faith were set in order by means of the good of love, is because by a "camp" are signified truths and goods (AC 8193, 8196); and by "encamping" is signified the setting in order of them; and by "by the waters," is signified according to the truths which are from the Divine. It is said "by means of the good of love," because all setting in order of truths is effected by means of the good of love; for it is under and according to good that truths apply themselves, and make with good as it were one body. It is said "according to the image of the man in whom they are," because the image of a man's spirit--which is the man himself, for it is the inward man--is precisely according to the setting in order of the truths from good with him. Hence it is that when angels are made present, a sphere of the good of love pours out from them, and affects those who are present, and truths of faith shine forth from their faces. In the spiritual world such things appear, and are openly perceived. It is said that this setting in order is effected after temptation, because goods and truths are implanted in man by means of temptations, but are not set in order until afterward; for the state of temptation is turbulent, but the state after temptation is tranquil. The setting in order is effected in tranquillity. On this account also temptations are followed by what is pleasant by reason of enlightenment from truth, and by what is delightful by reason of the affection of good (AC 8367).

from AC 8370

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