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It is said, a measure of wheat and three measures of barley, because one is predicated of good, and three of truths; and one, when predicated of good, signifies what is perfect, thus also what is genuine; and three, when predicated of truths, signifies what is full, thus also what is genuine; consequently a measure of wheat and three measures of barley signify the genuine good and the genuine truth of the church. Wheat signifies good, and barley its truth, because all things belonging to the field signify the things that belong to the church; and things belonging to the field, as crops of various kinds, serve for food; and things for food and for the nourishment of the body signify in the spiritual sense such things as nourish the soul or mind, all of which have relation to the good of love and the truth of faith; thus especially wheat and barley, because bread is made from thee That foods of every kind signify spiritual food, thus the things of knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, consequently the good and truth from which these are, (AC n. 3114, 4459, 5147, 5293, 5340, 5342, 5410, 5426, 5576, 5582, 5588, 5655, 5915, 8408, 8562, 9003).

AE 374

The people is said to be one, and their lip one, when all had one truth of faith and doctrine, and all have as their end the common good of society, the common good of the church, and the kingdom of the Lord; for when this is the case the Lord is in the end, and all are a one from Him.

from AC 1316

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