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I AM WHO I AM That this signifies the Being and Coming-forth of all things in the universe, is evident from the fact that I AM is Being, and because He alone is Being, it is said in the nominative case. That it is twice said I AM, that is, I AM WHO I AM, is because the one signifies Being and the other Coming-forth; thus the one signifies the Divine Itself, which is called the Father, and the other the Divine Human, which is called the Son; for the Divine Human comes-forth from the Divine Itself. But when the Lord as to the Human also was made the Divine Being (Esse) or Jehovah, then the Divine truth, which proceeds from the Lord's Divine Human, is the Divine Coming-forth from the Divine Being. From this it can be seen that the Divine Being cannot communicate Itself to anyone except through the Divine Coming-forth; that is, the Divine Itself cannot communicate Itself except through the Divine Human, and the Divine Human can not communicate itself except through the Divine truth, which is the Holy of the Spirit: this is meant by its being said that all things were made by the Word (John 1:3). It appears to man as if the Divine truth were not such that anything can come forth by means of it; for it is believed that it is like a voice, which being uttered with the lips, is dissipated But it is altogether otherwise: the Divine truth proceeding from the Lord is the veriest reality, and such a reality that all things have come forth from it, and all things subsist from it; for whatever proceeds from the Lord is the veriest reality in the universe; and such is the Divine truth, which is called the Word, through which all things were made.

from AC 6880

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