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A native of the land, is one who has been born within the church and is in its truth and good, consequently who has been purified from unclean loves. It is said a native of the land, because by land is signified the church that land in the Word denotes the church, see (AR 566, 662, 1066, 1067, 1262, 1413, 1607, 1733, 1850, 2117, 2118, 2571, 2928, 3355, 4447, 4535, 5577). That land denotes the church is because by land in the Word is meant the land of Canaan, and by the land of Canaan is signified the Lord's kingdom and church (AR 1413, 1437, 1585, 1607, 1866, 3038, 3481, 3686, 3705, 4116, 4240, 4447, 4454, 4516, 4517, 5136, 5757, 6516). By every land named in the Word the angels do not understand the land, but the nation that was there, and along with the nation there is understood the quality of the nation in respect to its spirituality, that is, in respect to that which is of the church. That the idea of the quality of the nation occurs when its land is named, is known, for this is the case even with men, and more so with the angels, who think spiritually about every natural thing.

AC 8011

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