Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 7:12
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AR 371. Verse 12. Saying, Amen, signifies the Divine truth and confirmation therefrom; as may be seen in (n. 23, 28, 61).

AR 372. Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, signifies the Divine spiritual things of the Lord. All acknowledgment and confession of the Lord in general, comprehends these two, that He is the Divine love itself and the Divine wisdom itself, and consequently that love, and all that is of it, with those who are in heaven and in the church, is from Him; in like manner wisdom, and all that is of it. Whatsoever proceeds from the Lord‘s Divine love, is called the celestial Divine, and what from His Divine wisdom, is called the spiritual Divine. The Lord’s spiritual Divine is meant by "glory, wisdom, and thanksgiving;" and His celestial Divine, by " honor, power, and might," which follow. "The blessing" which precedes, signifies both, as may be seen in (n. 289). That "glory" is predicated of the Divine truth, thus of the spiritual Divine (n. 249). That "wisdom" has relation to the same, is evident. That "thanksgiving" has also a like reference, is, because it is performed from the Divine truth; for man gives thanks from it and by it.

AR 373. And honor, and power, and might, signifies the Lord‘s celestial Divine. In the preceding article it is said that these three, "honor, power, and might," in the Word, when applied to the Lord, are predicated of the celestial Divine, or the Divine love, or His Divine good. That "honor" is so predicated, may be seen (n. 249); and "might" (n. 22); and that "power" is so likewise, may be evident from the passages in the Word where it is mentioned. It is to be known, that in all the particulars of the Word there is a marriage of good and truth, and that there are expressions which have relation to good, and expressions which have relation to truth; but these expressions can only be distinguished by those who study the spiritual sense. From that sense it appears what expressions have relation to good or love, and what to truth or wisdom; and from many passages it has been given to know, that "honor, power, and might," occur when it treats of the Divine good. That "power" also relates to the Divine good may be seen in (Matthew 13:54; 24:30; Mark 13:25, 26; Luke 1:17, 35; 9:1; 21:27). That in the particulars of the Word there is a marriage of the Lord and the church, and thence a marriage of good and truth, may be seen in The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Sacred Scripture (Sacred n. 80-90).

AR 374. Be unto our God for ages of ages, signifies these things in the Lord and from the Lord to eternity, is evident from what was said above; and also that "for ages of ages," is to eternity.

AR 375. Amen, signifies the consent of all. In this verse "Amen" is said at the beginning, and again at the end; when it is said at the beginning it signifies truth, and thence confirmation (n. 371); but when at the end, it signifies the confirmation and consent of all that it is the truth.

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