Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 7:11
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AR 369. Verse 11. And all the angels stood around the throne, and the elders, and the four animals, signifies all in the whole heaven hearing and doing what the Lord commands. By "the animals and elders" are meant the angels of the higher heavens, as above, and also below (n. 808); but by "angels" are here meant the angels of the lower heavens, thus all in the whole heaven. "To stand," signifies to hear and do what He commands (n. 366).

AR 370. And fell before the throne on their faces and adored God, signifies the humiliation of their heart, and, from humiliation, adoration of the Lord. That "to fall upon their faces and adore," is humiliation of heart, and thence adoration, is evident. Humiliation before the Lord and adoration of Him, is signified by "falling before the throne and adoring God," because by "God" is meant His Divine, which is the Divine from which all things are, and at the same time, His Divine Human (n. 368); for both together are one God, because they are one Person.

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