Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 4:11
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AR 253. Verse 11. Saying, Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honor, and power, signifies the confession that the kingdom is the Lord‘s from merit and justice, because He is the Divine truth and the Divine good. Confession is signified by "saying." That it is from merit and justice is signified by "thou art worthy, O Lord;" that He is the Divine truth and the Divine good, is signified by "glory and honor," as in (n. 249). That His is the kingdom is signified by "receiving power": these, therefore, collected into one sense, signify the confession that the kingdom is the Lord’s from merit and justice, because He is the Divine truth and the Divine good.

AR 254. For Thou hast created all things, and by Thy will they are, and were created, signifies that all things of heaven and the church were made and formed, and men reformed and regenerated from the Divine love of the Lord through His Divine wisdom, or from the Divine good through the Divine truth, which also is the Word. This is the spiritual sense of these words, because by "creating" is signified to reform and regenerate by the Divine truth, and by "the will of the Lord" is signified the Divine good. Whether you call it the Divine good and the Divine truth, or the Divine love and the Divine wisdom, it is the same, because all good is of love, and all truth is of wisdom. That from the Divine love and the Divine wisdom are all things of heaven and the church, yea and the world itself was created from them is shown in many places in The Angelic Wisdom concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom; also that love and good is of the will, and wisdom and truth of the understanding; hence it appears, that by "the Lord‘s will" is meant His Divine good or Divine love. That "to create," in the Word, signifies to reform and regenerate, is plain from these passages:--

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a firm spirit in the midst of me (Ps. 51:10).

Thou openest Thine hand, they are filled with good; Thou sendest forth Thy Spirit; they are created (Ps. 104:28, 30).

The people which shall be created shall praise Jah (Ps. 102:18).

Behold, I create a new heaven and a new earth, rejoice forever in that which I create; behold I create Jerusalem an exultation (Isa. 65:17, 18).

Jehovah createth the heavens, He that stretcheth out the earth, He giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein (Isa. 42:5; 45:12, 18).

Thus saith Jehovah thy Creator, O Jacob, thy Former, O Israel; I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by My name; everyone that is called by My name, I have created him in My glory (Isa. 43:1, 7)

They were prepared in the day that thou wast created; thou was perfect in thy ways in the day that thou was created, until perversity was found in thee (Ezek. 28:13, 15).

These things are concerning the king of Tyre, by whom are signified they who are in intelligence by the Divine truth.

That they may see, know, consider, and understand that the hand of Jehovah hath done this, and the Holy one of Israel hath created it (Isa. 41:20).