Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 4:10
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AR 251. Verse 10. The four-and-twenty elders fell down before Him that sat upon the throne and adored Him that liveth for ages of ages, signifies the humiliation of all in heaven before the Lord. That by " the four-and-twenty elders" are meant all who are of the Lord‘s church, may be seen in (n. 233); here all who are of His church in heaven; "the elders," as heads, represented all. That it is humiliation before the Lord, and from humiliation adoration, is evident without explanation.

AR 252. And cast their crowns before the throne, signifies the acknowledgment that their wisdom is from Him alone. That "a crown" signifies wisdom, may be seen in (n. 189, 235); therefore by "casting their crowns before the throne," is signified to acknowledge that wisdom is not their own, but the Lord’s with them.

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