Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 2:16
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AR 116. Verse 16. Repent, signifies that they should guard themselves against such works, and do works which are good. That these things are signified by "repent," is, because it now treats of meritorious and hypocritical goods, against which they should guard themselves who place the all of the church and of salvation in good works, and not anything in the truths of doctrine; when yet the truths of doctrine teach how and what is to be willed and thought, or loved and believed, that the works may be good.

AR 117. Or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight with them with the sword of my mouth, signifies, if not, that the Lord will contend with them from the Word, and convince them that their works are evil. But the explanation of these words may be seen in (n. 108).

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