Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 2:12
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AR 107. Verse 12. And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, signifies to those and concerning those who place the all of the church in good works, and not anything in the truths of doctrine. That these are meant by "the church in Pergamos," is evident from what is written to it, when understood in the spiritual sense. But something must be premised concerning these, that it may be known who they are in the church, and what is their quality. There are two kinds of men of whom the Christian church at this day for the most part consists; one, who are in works alone, and in no truths; the other, who are in worship alone, and neither in works nor in truths; the former are here treated of; the latter in what is written to the church in Sardis (n. 154). They who are in works alone and in no truths, are like those who act and do not understand, and deeds without understanding are inanimate. They appear before the angels like images carved out of wood; and they who have placed merit in their works, appear like those carved images, naked, without any covering whatever, they appear also like sheep without wool; and they who place merit in them, like such sheep covered with dung; for all works are done from the will by the understanding, and in the understanding they receive life, and at the same time clothing; hence it is, as was said, that they appear to the angels as things inanimate and naked.

AR 108. These things saith He that hath the sharp two-edged sword, signifies the Lord as to the truths of doctrine from the Word, by which evils and falsities are dispersed. In the preceding chapter, where the Son of man is described, Who is the Lord as to the Word, it is said that:--

A sharp two-edged sword was seen to go out of His mouth (Apoc. 1:16).

That by this is signified the dispersion of falsities by the Word, and by doctrine thence from the Lord, may be seen in (n. 52). This is said to those and concerning those, who place the all of the church in works alone, and not anything in the truths of doctrine; to whom, because they omit or lightly esteem truths of doctrine which yet are necessary, it is said in what follows:--

Repent, or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight with them with the sword of My mouth (Apoc. 2:16).

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