Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 16:15
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AR 705. Verse 15. Behold, I come as a thief; happy is he that is awake and keepeth his garments, signifies the Lord‘s coming, and then heaven to those who look to Him, and remain in a life according to His commandments, which are truths of the Word. That "to come as a thief," when said of the Lord, signifies His advent, and then those will have heaven who have lived well, and those who have lived wickedly will have hell, see above, (n. 164). That he is called "happy" who receives eternal life (n. 639). "To watch" signifies to live spiritually, that is, to be in truths and in a life according to them, and to look to the Lord (n. 158); and "to keep his garments" signifies to remain therein even to the end of life; for "garments" signify investing truths (n. 166, 212, 328), thus the Lord’s commandments in the Word, for these are truths. Now these things follow in their order from what precedes; for what precedes relates to the Lord‘s advent, and to the New Church; as also to the opposition it will meet with from those who are of the Old Church; and inasmuch as combat is at hand, they who are in truths from the Word are admonished to remain in them, lest they succumb in battle, spoken of in the next verse.

AR 706. Lest he walk naked and they see his shame, signifies, lest they should be with those who are in no truths, and their infernal loves should appear. "To walk naked," signifies to live without truths. "The shame of nakedness," or the secret parts, signifies unclean loves, which are infernal loves; and inasmuch as it is said, "lest they see his shame," it signifies lest they should appear. That by "nakedness" is signified ignorance of truth, and by "shame of nakedness" infernal love, see above (n. 213). These things are said for those who will be of the Lord’s New Church, that they may learn truths and remain in them, for without truths their connate evils, which are infernal loves, cannot be removed. A man may, indeed, live like a Christian without truths, but this only before men, but not before angels. The truths which they should learn relate to the Lord, and to the commandments according to which they should live.

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