Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 3:2
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AR 158. Verse 2. Be watchful, signifies that they should be in truths and in a life according to them. By "watching," in the Word, nothing else is signified; for he who learns truths and lives according to them, is like one who is awakened out of sleep and becomes watchful. But he who is not in truths, but only in worship, is like one who sleeps and dreams. Natural life, considered in itself, or without spiritual life, is nothing else but sleep; but natural life, in which there is spiritual life, is watchfulness; and this cannot be acquired otherwise than by truths, which are in their own light and in their own day, when man is in the life according to them. Such is signified by "watching" in the following passages:--

Watch, for ye know not in what hour the Lord will come (Matt. 24:42).

Happy are those servants whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: Be ye therefore ready, for the Son of man will come at an hour when ye think not (Luke 12:37, 40).

Watch ye, for ye know not when the lord of the house shall come; lest coming suddenly, he find you sleeping; what I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch (Mark 13:35-37).

While the bridegroom tarried, the virgins slumbered and slept, and the five foolish came and said, Lord, open to us; but the lord shall answer, I know you not; watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man will come (Matt. 25:1-13).

Because the Lord‘s coming is called "morning" (n. 151), and then truths are opened, and there is light, therefore that time is called "the beginning of the watches" (Lamentations 2:19); and the Lord is called "a Watcher" (Daniel 4:13); and it is written in Isaiah:--

Thy dead shall live, Awake, ye that dwell in the dust (Isa. 26:19).

But that the state of a man who is not in truths is called "slumbering" and "sleeping," may be seen (Jeremiah 51:39, 57; Ps. 13:3; 76:6; Luke 8:23).

AR 159. And strengthen the remaining things which are about to die, signifies, that the things which pertain to their worship may receive life, and not be extinguished. How these things are to be understood shall be stated. Dead worship is altogether similar to living worship in its external form, because they who are in truths do the same things, for they hear preachings, go to the Holy Supper, pray on their knees morning and evening, besides other things which are common and customary in worship; therefore they who are in dead worship, have need of nothing more than to learn truths and live according to them; so that "the remaining things which are ready to die" may be confirmed.

AR 160. For I have not found thy works full before God, signifies that the interiors of their worship are not conjoined with the Lord. That by "works" are meant the interiors and exteriors, and that by "I know thy works," is signified that the Lord sees all the interiors and exteriors of man at once, may be seen in (n. 76); which are called "full before God," when they are conjoined with the Lord. It must be known, that dead worship or worship which is only external, causes the Lord’s presence, but not conjunction; but external worship, in which the interiors live, causes both presence and conjunction. For the conjunction of the Lord is with the things with man which are from the Lord, which are truths from good, and unless these are in worship, the works are not full before God, but are empty. A man is said to be "empty" in the Word, in whom there are nothing but falsities and evils (Matthew 12:44). Hence a man is said to be "full," in whom there are truths and goods.

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