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1 By arcanum is meant a truth hitherto unknown, from arceo, to shut up or conceal.

1 Both Divinum Verum and Verum Divinum are used and the difference is indicated by translating Divinum Verum by Divine Truth, and Verum Divinum by Divine truth. Similarly Divinum Bonum and Bonum Divinum.

1 Mind is the general translation of mens. When mens and animus are used in contrast, mens is the higher plane of the mind in which will and understanding are rationally active, while animus is the lower plane of the mind in which desires and ideas in connection with the body are active. When animus is used in this connection the word mind is followed by (animus)

1 The Latin word proprium when used as a substantive mans "what is one’s own". Swedenborg uses it in a special sense involving "what is of the self.


1 This number follows 83, as in O.E.

1 Where Jehovah is in small capitals in the text, the A.V. has LORD; where Zebaoth is in small capita in the text, the A.V. has "of hosts".

1 Cisterna or receptaculum chyli, occasionally called the abdominal cistern.

1 The Latin word (lumen), thus in brackets, is used to refer to the natural light of man’s own intelligence, as distinct from spiritual light, and the physical light of the material world, for both of which the Latin word is lux.

1 This number follows 187, as in O.E.

1 Plural, as in (Isa. 1:15). See (AE 329).

1 This Appendix was omitted in the revision of the Psalm Book made in 1819.B.

1 In Swedenborg’s Writings the numbering of the Commandments is that adopted by Roman Catholics and Lutherans, combining into the First Commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" and "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, etc." The numbering adopted by Anglicans and other Protestants follows that of the Westminster Catechism, and divides the First Commandment on the acknowledgment and worship of God into two, and combines the Ninth and Tenth on coveting into one. See TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION (TCR 325).

1 This numbering follows the O.E.

1 from himself (a se), from others (ex aliis). The prepositions a and ex, both here translated from, are used in contrast, a indicating the responsible agent or originating source, and ex an instrumental agent, contributing to the performance of an action. This distinction may be noted by translating a of an ex from, as: no one of himself thinks, but he thinks from others.

1 Clearly this word is not used in its modern sense, but describes those who trust only their own ideas.

1 This numbering follows the O.E.

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