Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 9:7
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AR 430. Verse 7. And the likenesses of the locusts, signifies the appearances and images of those who have confirmed in themselves faith separated from charity. By"likenesses," is signified their appearances in a representative image; by "locusts," are signified falsities in outermost things (n. 424); and as falsities make one with those who are in falsities, they also are signified by "locusts." That they who have confirmed themselves in faith alone, or their falsities, are meant by "locusts," appeared evident to me from this circumstance, that the presbyters who were in that faith, embraced the locusts that were seen, and kissed them, and were desirous of introducing them into their houses. For the images, which are forms representative of the affections and thoughts of angels and spirits in the spiritual world, appear as if they were alive, in like manner as the animals, birds, and fishes, mentioned above.

AR 431. Were like unto horses prepared for war, signifies that because they can reason, they appear to themselves as if combating from the understanding of truth from the Word. By "a horse" is signified the understanding of the Word (n. 298); by "war" is signified spiritual war, which consists in reasonings and arguments (n. 500, 586); by "like," or similitudes, are signified appearances, as in (n. 430).

AR 432. And upon their heads as it were crowns like gold, signifies that they appeared to themselves as conquerors. By "crowns on their heads like gold," are signified tokens of victory, because formerly kings wore crowns of gold in battle (n. 300); for it is said that they were seen "like horses," that is, on horses prepared for war (n. 431), for they had the faces of men, as follows; and they are in the persuasion that they cannot be conquered.

AR 433. And their faces were as the faces of men, signifies that they appeared to themselves to be wise. By "man," in the Word, is signified one wise and intelligent (n. 243); and by his "face," wisdom and intelligence; hence it is, that by "their faces as the faces of men," is signified that they appeared to themselves to be wise. They are also called wise, learned, and erudite, although they are among the foolish virgins, who had no oil in their lamps (Matthew 25:1, 2). "Oil" signifies love and charity; and among the foolish means among those who hear the Lord, that is, read the Word, and do not do it (Matthew 7:26).

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