Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 4:2
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AR 228. Verse 2. And immediately I was in the spirit, signifies that he was let into a spiritual state, in which the things which exist in heaven manifestly appear. That "to be in the spirit" is to be let into a spiritual state from Divine influx, as also what a spiritual state is and its quality, and that a man in that state sees as manifestly the things which are in the spiritual world, as in the natural state of the body he sees the things which are in this world, may be seen in (n. 36).

AR 229. And, behold, a throne was set, signifies a representation of the Judgment. That "a throne" signifies heaven may be seen (n. 14); that a throne also signifies judgment, is evident from the following passages:--

When the Son of man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory (Matt. 25:31).

The Last Judgment is here treated of:--

O Jehovah, Thou hast done my judgment, Thou sattest upon the throne a Judge of justice. Jehovah will prepare His throne for judgment (Ps. 9:4, 5, 7).

I saw when the Ancient of Days did sit; His throne was as a flame of fire; a thousand and thousands ministered unto Him, and a myriad of myriads stood before Him, the judgment was set and the books were opened (Dan. 7:9, 10).

Jerusalem is built; thither the tribes go up; and there are set thrones for judgment (Ps. 122:3-5).

I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them (Apoc. 20:4).

"The throne" built by Solomon, mentioned (1 Kings 10:18-20),

signifies both kingdom and judgment; since kings, when they executed judgment, sat upon thrones. It is said that " the throne" signifies judgment in a representative form, because the things which John saw were visions which represented. They were seen as he has described; but they were forms representative of future things, as may be evident from what follows; as that there were seen animals, a dragon, beasts, a temple, a tabernacle, the ark, and many other things. Similar were the things which were seen by the prophets, spoken of in (n. 36).

AR 230. And one sitting on the throne, signifies the Lord, as appears manifestly from what follows, and from passages in the Word where it is said that the Lord will execute judgment (Matt. 25:32, 33; John 5:22, 27).

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