Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 2:5
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AR 83. Verse 5. Remember therefore whence thou hast fallen; that this signifies remembrance of their error, is plain from what has just been said.

AR 84. And repent, and do the first works, signifies that they ought to invert the state of their life. Every man regards the truths of doctrine in the first place, yet so long as he does this, he is like unripe fruit; but he who is regenerated, after he has imbibed truths, regards the goods of life in the first place, and in proportion as he does so, he grows ripe like fruit; and in proportion as he grows ripe, and as far as he grows ripe, so far the seed in him becomes prolific. These two states have been seen by me, among men who had become spirits. In the first state, they appeared turned to the valleys which are above hell; and in the second, to the paradises which are in heaven. This turning of the state of life is what is here meant. That this is effected by repentance, and after it by the good of life, is meant by "Repent, and do the first works."

AR 85. Or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy lampstand out of its place, except thou repent, signifies that otherwise of a certainty enlightenment will not be given them to see truths any longer. By "quickly" is signified certain (n. 4, 947); and by "lampstand," the church as to enlightenment (n. 43, 66); hence, by "removing it out of its place," is signified to remove enlightenment, that they may not see truths in their light, and at length, that they may not see them any more. This follows from what was said in (n. 82), namely, that if truths of doctrine are regarded primarily, or in the first place, they may indeed be known, but not seen interiorly, and loved from spiritual affection, therefore they successively perish; for to see truths from their own light, is to see them from manís interior mind, which is called the spiritual mind, and this mind is opened by charity; and when it is opened, light and the affection of understanding truths flow in out of heaven from the Lord. Thence is enlightenment. The man who is in this enlightenment, acknowledges truths as soon as he reads or hears them; but not he whose spiritual mind is not opened, who is one that is not in the goods of charity, however he may be in the truths of doctrine.

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