Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 2:24
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AR 142. Verse 24. But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, signifies both to those with whom the doctrine of faith is separated from charity, and to those with whom the doctrine of faith is joined with charity, is evident from what is said above, without further explanation.

AR 143. And who have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak, signifies they who do not understand their interiors, which are mere falsities. That by "Satan" is meant the hell of those who are in falsities, and abstractly, falsities, may be seen in (n. 97); therefore by its "depths" are signified the interiors of the doctrine separated from charity, which are mere falsities. The depths and interiors of that doctrine are what are delivered in their books and lectures in the universities, and thence in their preachings, the nature of which is pointed out in what is prefixed to the first chapter, where their doctrines are quoted; and particularly in what is there adduced concerning Justification by Faith and concerning Good Works; where it may be seen stated that the clergy alone know the arcana of that doctrine, but not the laity, therefore the latter principally are meant by those "who have not known the depths of Satan."

AR 144. I will put upon you none other burden, signifies, only that they should beware of them. The reason is, because they confirm their falsities by reasonings from the natural man, and by some things from the Word which they falsify, for by these they can seduce. They are like serpents in the grass which bite those that pass by; or like concealed poisons which kill the unwary.

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