Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 19:8
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AR 814. Verse 8. And it was given to her that she should be clothed in fine linen clean and bright, signifies that they who will be of the Lord’s New Church are instructed by the Lord in genuine and pure truths through the Word. By "it was given to her" is meant to the Wife, by whom is signified the Lord‘s New Church, which is the New Jerusalem, as just above (n. 812). By "being clothed" is signified to be instructed in truths, because truths are signified by "garments" (n. 166); and by "white garments" genuine truths (n. 212). By "fine linen clean and bright" is signified shining from good and pure truths; and because pure truth is not given from any other source than from the Lord through the Word, therefore this also is signified. It is called "clean and bright," because "clean" signifies that which is free from evil, thus that which shines from good; and "bright" signifies what is free from falsity, thus what is pure from truth. By "fine linen" or "linen cloth" genuine truth is signified in the following places also:--

O Jerusalem, I have clothed thee with needlework, I have girded thee with fine linen, and I have covered thee with silk; thus wast thou adorned with gold and silver, and thy raiment was fine linen and silk (Ezek. 16:10, 13).

Fine linen in needlework from Egypt was thy spreading forth (Ezek. 27:7).

This is concerning Tyre, by which the church as to the knowledges of truth and good is signified.

The armies in heaven followed Him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen white and clean (Apoc. 19:14).

Joseph was clothed in garments of fine linen by Pharaoh (Gen. 41:42).

This signifies the same. Truth from the Word with them, though not in them, is signified by:--The fine linen of Babylon (Apoc. 18:12, 16). And upon the rich man (Luke 16:19). Fine linen is also called cotton (xylinum), wherefore genuine truth is also signified by the latter in these passages in Moses:--

Thou shalt make a chequer-work a tunic of cotton for Aaron; and thou shalt make a mitre of cotton (Exod. 28:39).

They made tunics of cotton for Aaron and for his sons (Exod. 39:27).

Thou shalt make the habitation of cotton interwoven, and hyacinth, and purple, and scarlet double-dyed (Exod. 26:1; 36:8).

Thou shalt make hangings for the court of cotton interwoven (Exod. 27:9, 18; 38:9).

Also the veil of the court with cotton interwoven (Exod. 38:18).

AR 815. For the fine linen is the just deeds of the saints, signifies that through truths from the Word those who are of the Lord’s church have the goods of life. By "fine linen" are signified genuine truths, which are truths from the Lord through the Word, as just above (n. 814). By "just deeds" are signified the goods of life with those who are in truths (n. 668). By "the saints" are signified those who are of the Lord‘s church (n. 173, 586). That "just deeds" are the goods of life with those who are in truths, is because no one can be called just, unless he lives according to truths: for in the natural sense everyone is called just who lives well according to the civil and moral laws; but in the spiritual sense he is called "just" who lives well according to the Divine laws, and the Divine laws are truths from the Word. He who believes himself to be just, consequently in the good of life, without the truths according to which he should live, is much deceived; for a man cannot be reformed and regenerated, consequently become good, except by truths, and by life according to them. Hence it is manifest, that by "the fine linen is the just deeds of the saints," is signified that those who are of the Lord’s church have the goods of life through truths from the Word. This is plainly manifest from the angels of heaven; the more they are in truths and in life according to them they appear clothed in the brighter garments; the reason is, that they are in brighter light.

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