Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 16:4
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AR 683. Verse 4. And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, signifies influx into their understanding of the Word. By "the third angel pouring out his vial," in like manner as by the former, is signified influx from the Lord from truths and goods, here into the understanding of the Word with them; for by "rivers" are signified truths in abundance, serving the rational man, thus the understanding, for doctrine and life (n. 409); and by "a fountain of waters" is signified the Lord as to the Word, thus the Word of the Lord, and therefore by "fountains of waters" are signified Divine truths thence (n. 384, 409).

AR 684. And they became blood, signifies the truths of the Word falsified. That by "blood," in the good sense, is signified the Divine truth, and in the opposite sense, the Divine truth falsified, see above (n. 379). The reason why Divine truth falsified and profaned is signified by "blood," is because the Jews shed the Lordís blood, who was the Divine truth itself, or the Word, and this they did because they had falsified and profaned all the truths of the Word. That the Lord suffered as the Word, or that the Jewish nation did the same violence to the Lord as they had done to the Word, may be seen in The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Lord (L n. 15-17). The reason why they who are in faith alone falsify all the truths of the Word, is because the whole Word treats of life according to the commandments therein, and of the Lord that He is Jehovah and the only God, and they who are in faith alone, do not think of life according to the commandments in the Word, nor do they approach the Lord.

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