Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 15:6
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AR 670. Verse 6. And the seven angels that had the seven plagues came out of the temple, signifies the preparation by the Lord for influx from the inmost of heaven into the church, that its evils and falsities may be universally disclosed, and thus the evil be separated from the good. That by "the seven angels" the Lord is meant, see above (n. 657); that by "the seven plagues" are signified all evils and falsities understood universally, see also above (n. 657). By "the temple" is meant the inmost of heaven, where the Word and the Decalogue are, as above (n. 669). That by "their going out from the temple" is signified preparation for influx is because they went out that afterward they might receive the vials, and cast the plagues in the vials into the earth, the sea, the rivers, and fountains, the sun, upon the throne of the beast, and into the air; by which is signified influx into the church, that its evils and falsities might be disclosed. That this was done for the sake of separating them from the good, will be seen in the next chapter.

AR 671. Clothed in linen, clean and bright, and girded about the breasts with golden girdles, signifies this from the pure and genuine truths and goods of the Word. By "linen clean and bright" is signified truth pure and genuine, as will be seen presently. By "the golden girdle about the breast" is signified the proceeding and at the same time conjoining Divine, which is the Divine good, as above (n. 46). By "being clothed and girded" is signified to appear and be presented in them; for garments signify truths clothing good (n. 166); and zones or girdles signify containing truths and goods in their order and connexion (n. 46). From these things it is evident, that by " angels clothed in linen, clean and bright, and having their breasts girded about with golden girdles," are signified truths and goods pure and genuine, which because they are from no other source than the Word, signify the truths and goods of the Word. That "linen" signifies Divine truth, may appear from the following passages, as that:--

Aaron had breeches of linen, when he entered into the tent, and drew near to the altar (Exod. 28:42, 43).

When Aaron entered into the holy-place, he put on the linen coat of holiness, breeches of linen were upon his flesh; with a linen belt he girdled himself, and put upon himself the linen mitre: these were the garments of holiness, and he put on the same garments, when he made atonement for the people (Lev. 16:4, 32).

In like manner that:

The priests, the Levites, when they entered at the gates of the inner court, put on linen garments, linen mitres upon their head, and linen breeches upon their loins (Ezek. 44:17, 18).

The priests wore linen ephods (1 Sam. 2:18).

Samuel, when be ministered while a boy before Jehovah, was clothed with a linen ephod (1 Sam. 2:18).

David, when the ark was transferred into his city, was girded with a linen ephod (2 Sam. 6:14).

From these things it may be evident, why:--

The Lord, when He washed the disciples‘ feet, girded Himself with a linen-cloth, and wiped their feet with the linen-cloth (John 13:4, 6).

That angels appeared clothed with linen (Dan. 10:5; Ezek. 9:2-4, 11; 10:2-7).

Also the angels seen in the Lord’s sepulchre appeared clothed with bright and shining white (Matt. 28:3).

The angel that measured the new temple had a linen line in his hand (Ezek. 40:3).

Jeremiah, that he might represent the state of the church as to truth:--

Was commanded to buy a linen girdle, and hide it in a hole of a rock by the Euphrates, and afterwards found it spoiled (Jer. 13:1-7).

It is also said in Isaiah:--

A bruised reed shall He not break, and the smoking flax shall He not quench, He shall bring forth judgment unto truth (Isaiah 42:3).

By linen in these places nothing else is meant than truth.

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