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AC 5728. The subject treated of in this chapter in the internal sense is the intermediate between the internal celestial man and the external natural man; and first that the internal celestial man filled the intermediate with spiritual truth from itself. The intermediate is "Benjamin," the spiritual truth with it is "Joseph‘s silver cup," the internal celestial man is "Joseph," and the external natural man is the "ten sons of Jacob."

AC 5729. The subject next treated of is the temptation of the external natural man, which continues until there is willing submission to the internal celestial. The temptation is described by their being accused, and by their returning in despair to Joseph. The willing submission is described by their all offering themselves for servants, and Judah’s offering himself in their stead. The conjunction of the external man with the internal is not accomplished without temptation and willing submission.

AC 5730. In the representative historic sense the subject here treated of is Jacob‘s descendants, that they were rejected, but that they obstinately insisted on being representative. Their being rejected is meant by Joseph’s desiring to send them away, and to keep Benjamin only; their obstinately insisting is involved in the particulars of their confession and entreaty.

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