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AC 3758. In the internal sense of this chapter by "Jacob" is described the Lordís natural-how the good of truth therein was conjoined with kindred good from a Divine origin, which good is Laban;" at first through the affection of external truth, which is "Leah;" and then through the affection of internal truth, which is "Rachel."

AC 3759. Afterwards by the birth of the four sons of Jacob by Leah is described in the supreme sense the ascent from external truth to internal good; but in the representative sense the state of the church, which is such that it does not acknowledge and receive the internal truths that are in the Word, but external truths; and this being the case, it ascends to interior things according to this order, namely, that at first it has the truth which is said to be of faith; next, practice according to this truth; afterwards the consequent charity; and finally celestial love. These four degrees are signified by the four sons of Jacob borne of Leah, namely, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah.

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