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AC 10519. The Holy Supper was instituted by the Lord in order that by means of it there may be a conjunction of the church with heaven, thus with the Lord. It is therefore the most holy thing of the church.

AC 10520. But in what manner conjunction is effected by means of it, is not apprehended by those who do not know anything of the internal or spiritual sense of the Word; for they do not think beyond its external sense, which is the sense of the letter. From the internal or spiritual sense of the Word it is known what is signified by the "body" and the "blood," and what by the "bread" and the "wine," and also what by "eating."

AC 10521. In this sense the Lord‘s "body" or "flesh" denotes the good of love, in like manner the "bread;" and the Lord’s "blood" denotes the good of faith, in like manner the "wine;" and "eating" denotes appropriation and conjunction. The angels who are with a man when he comes to the sacrament of the Supper perceive these things no otherwise; for they apprehend all things spiritually. From this it is that there then flows in from the angels to the man, thus through heaven from the Lord, a holy feeling of love and of faith. From this comes the conjunction.

AC 10522. From all this it is evident that when a man takes the bread, which is the body, he is conjoined with the Lord through the good of love to Him from Him; and when he takes the wine, which is the blood, he is conjoined with the Lord through the good of faith to Him from Him. But be it known that conjunction with the Lord through the sacrament of the Supper is effected solely with those who are in the good of love and of faith to the Lord from the Lord. The Holy Supper is the seal of this conjunction.


AC 10585. To this earth, now to be described, I was not conveyed as to other earths; but the spirits themselves who were from that earth were brought to me. And when they were at a distance they were seen as a roll stretched out in length, not continuous, but in distinct parts; for there were many of them, and they were in companies. At first they were carried toward the lower parts, and it was perceived that they were trying to rise up from thence, and thus to come to me; but that they could not. Wherefore they proceeded a little to the left in front even to the earth Mars, and there they strove to rise up, which was done, but with difficulty. The reason of this was that they were of a totally different genius from the spirits of our earth; and those who are of a different genius are conveyed through various ways, so that spirits may be associated with them by means of whom conjunction may be effected. For it is the affections and thoughts that conjoin and disjoin spirits and angels. In so far as they differ in respect to these, so far they appear separated from one another; but still they are conjoined by means of intermediate spirits, when it so pleases the Lord. This was the reason why they were brought as far as the earth Mars.

AC 10586. After they had been conjoined with them, they immediately appeared above the head, thus near me, for by means of this conjunction there was effected a consociation of the affections and derivative thoughts with the spirits of our earth who were about me; and presence appears according to the consociation in respect to these, as can be seen from what has been said above. They then spoke with me, and said that they had there found consociate spirits.

AC 10587. The discourse at first was about their speech on their own earth. They said that they discourse together among themselves by an internal way; and not like others by an external way; and this by means of the atmosphere, and by means of sight, which is effected in the following way. They think within themselves, and the ideas of thought are communicated to the other by a certain flowing into the interiors of the ears unknown on this earth, although it is known to those who are learned in anatomy. For there is a certain canal within the mouth, called the Eustachian tube, which is open in the mouth, and ends in the chamber of the ear, and is encompassed with a thin membrane. Through this channel the air of the breath inflows with a gentle sound, and so the speaking thought is communicated. As already said, this is effected by means of the atmosphere. Moreover when they are speaking among themselves in this way they also move the lips both in general and in particular, and these little motions advance toward the eyes, especially toward the left eye, and their interior thought and its life there manifests itself. As before said, this is effected by means of sight. From this it was evident that their face acts as a one with their thoughts; for the face has been wholly formed to portray and represent the things the man is thinking and loving. From this the face is also called the index of the mind. But this is the case with the sincere; but it is very different with the insincere, with pretenders, and with hypocrites. To confirm me that such is the case, they were allowed to move my lips and my face in a similar way; and then to perceive the objects of their thought by means of the accordance. They were asked whether any speak there by means of sonorous words, or articulated sound. They said that they do not know what is meant by the articulation of sound, but that they know what sound is. On hearing these things, I perceived the reason why they were conducted to the spirits of the earth Mars, and were consociated with them before they came to me; for a similar speech prevails among them, as can be seen where the inhabitants and spirits of Mars have been treated of (n. 7359-7362).

AC 10588. From hearing their discourse, a doubt occurred concerning their respiration, whether it was similar to that of the men of our earth; and it was said that it is indeed similar, but that it is not articulated on the way as it is going forth into sound, as is done with us in the trachea and the larynx; and also that their lips are moved not only by the influx of ideas into their fibers, but also by an inward breathing of the lungs.

AC 10589. Some of the spirits of our earth suggested a doubt whether these were from the starry heaven; wherefore it was given to the angels to explore whence they were; and it was found that they were from a star, which is their sun, very far distant from the sun of our world; and that its situation is beneath, near the milky way; and that this star is among the lesser stars.

AC 10590. A continuation concerning this fourth earth in the starry heaven will be found at the end of the following chapter.

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