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CL 511. By the lust of violation is not meant the lust of defloration. The latter lust is the violation of virginities, but not the violation of virgins when done without their consent; but the lust of violation here treated of recedes in consequence of consent, and is sharpened by refusal. It is a burning desire to violate any woman, whether virgin, widow, or wife, who absolutely refuses and resists with violence. These violators are like robbers and pirates who delight in rapine and spoils, and not in gifts and things justly acquired; and like malefactors who are eager for things unlawful and forbidden, and spurn things lawful and conceded. They are utterly averse to consent, and are inflamed by resistance; and if they observe that it is not an inner resistance, the ardour of their lust is instantly extinguished, like fire by water thrown upon it.

As regards the ultimate effects of love, it is known that wives do not submit themselves spontaneously to the will of their husbands, and that from prudence they offer resistance as though to violation, and this to the end that they may remove from their husbands the cold arising from commonness, by reason of its being continually allowed, and arising also from an idea of lasciviousness with respect to such things. Yet these resistances, although they enkindle, are not the causes of this lust but only its initiaments. Its cause is, that when conjugial love and also scortatory love become worn out by exercise, then, in order that they may be restored, they wish to be set on fire by absolute resistance. The lust thus begun afterwards increases, and as it increases it spurns and breaks down all the limits of love of the sex and exterminates itself. Then, from being a lascivious, corporeal, and carnal love, it becomes cartilaginous and bony, and becomes acute from the periostea which enjoy acute sensibility. This lust, however, is rare, existing only with those who have entered into marriage and then indulged in whoredoms until these became worn out. In addition to this natural cause of the lust, there is also a spiritual cause, of which something shall be said in what follows.

CL 512. Their lot after death is as follows: These violators then separate themselves of their own accord from those who are in a limited love of the sex, and absolutely from those who are in conjugial love, thus from heaven. They are then sent off to exceedingly crafty harlots who can simulate and represent themselves as though they were chastities, and this, not only by persuasion but also by an imitation which is perfectly dramatic. These harlots easily perceive who they are who are in this lust. They talk before them about chastity and its preciousness; and when the violator comes near and touches them, they grow angry and fly to their chamber as if in terror, closing the door behind them. In the chamber is a couch and a bed, and there they lie down. Then, by their art, they inspire in the violator an unbridled desire to force the door, burst in, and assault them. When he does this, the harlot, raising herself, begins to fight the violator, lacerating his face with hands and nails, tearing his garments, calling out in a furious voice to her companion harlots for help, as though calling to her maidservants, and opening the window and crying out "Thief, robber, murderer." And when the violator is in the act, she wails and weeps, and after the violation she prostates herself, howls, and cries out, "Infamous." Then, in a serious tone, she threatens that unless he atones for the violation with a large payment, she will set about his ruin. While they are in this theatrical venery, they appear at a distance like cats which, before their conjunction, fight, rush at each other and howl in almost the same way.

[2] After some such brothel-contests, they are taken and removed to a cavern where they are driven to some work. But because they have an offensive odour owing to the fact that they have dispersed the conjugial which is the precious treasure of human life, they are sent away to the utmost limits of the western quarter. There, from some distance, they appear to be very thin, as though consisting of bones covered only with skin, and from afar off they seem like panthers. When it was given me to see them more closely, I was astonished to see that some of them were holding books in their hands and reading, and I was told that this is because in the world they had spoken various things about the spiritual things of the Church and yet had defiled those things with adulteries even to the last extremes thereof mentioned above; also that such is the correspondence of this lust with the violation of the spiritual marriage. It should be known, however, that they are few who are in this lust.

That women, because it does not become them to prostitute their love, do now and then resist is certain, and also that the resistance invigorates, but this is not from any lust of violation.

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