Spiritual Meanings in Isaiah, chapter 51

Full text of Isaiah 51

1, 2: The worshipers of God look unto the Lord from whom, and to the church through which [come reformation and regeneration]; [17]
3: because the Lord will fill them with intelligence, and will make them happy; [17]
4, 5: because from Him is all good and truth, and in Him does every nation trust; [17, 11]
6: nothing abides to eternity except that which is from Him. [17]
7, 8: Let those who love good look to Him, and make nothing of the oppositions of men, because they will perish, owing to falsities and evils. [17]
9-11: To the Lord, because He has Divine power, that He may act, because He has strength to remove the hells, that they may joyfully pass over without harm. [17]
12, 13: There is nothing to fear from the evils thence arising, nor from infestation by them. [17]
14, 15: The Lord will lead them forth safe, however much hell may resist. [17, 8]
16: From His Divine He will set heaven and the church in order, [17, 8, 12]
17, 18: constituted of those who have been in falsities of ignorance. [11]
19, 20: Heretofore there has been a lack of truth and good, a source of falsities beyond measure. [2]
21, 22: These the Lord will take away, [3]
23: and they will be given to those who contemptuously reject the good. [3]

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